Python code to list all files in a directory

Python contains useful modules to execute file and folder operations. It makes use of the ‘os’ module to carry out file system operations. To illustrate, the python code to get the current working directory is: import os os.getcwd()import os os.getcwd() . On OSX, the output of that is: ‘/Users/vikrambahl/Documents”/Users/vikrambahl/Documents’ . The ‘os’ module makes it easy […]

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OpenGL mesh viewer

This application was the first one I created while learning computer graphics at NTU. It parses a .m file, which is nothing but a bunch of numbers representing vertices (x, y, z) in the 3D plane. The resulting 3D model is displayed in the viewport. Options for orthogonal/perspective projection along with various viewing options to […]

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Signal processing with python

Gave a talk on audio signal processing with python at PyCon Singapore 2013.  I started using python to quickly prototype a beat recognition system for my masters dissertation. I realised the power of python in signal processing. The speed at which you can test algorithms is astounding. You can perform a cross FFT on the […]

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QuoteLine Chrome Extension

Develop a simple chrome extension

I almost exclusive use google chrome (unless I need firebug on firefox) for web browsing. It is highly cutomizable, powerful, fast and you can get super cool extensions and apps from the google play store. I use a lot of chrome extensions like  xmarks, evernote, google dictionary, mozbar etc., so I had an idea for […]

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Introduction to HTML5 & WebGL

Recently gave a talk on HTML5 and WebGL, talking about how it has changed the web app landscape. The presentation slides talk about these topics: HTML5 vs HTML4.0/XHTML HTML5 vs Flash Intro to WebGL Graphics  pipeline Vertex & fragment shaders Cool WebGL and HTML5 demos So check it out:

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