Signal processing with python

Gave a talk on audio signal processing with python at PyCon Singapore 2013.  I started using python to quickly prototype a beat recognition system for my masters dissertation. I realised the power of python in signal processing. The speed at which you can test algorithms is astounding. You can perform a cross FFT on the […]

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QuoteLine Chrome Extension

Develop a simple chrome extension

I almost exclusive use google chrome (unless I need firebug on firefox) for web browsing. It is highly cutomizable, powerful, fast and you can get super cool extensions and apps from the google play store. I use a lot of chrome extensions like  xmarks, evernote, google dictionary, mozbar etc., so I had an idea for […]

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Introduction to HTML5 & WebGL

Recently gave a talk on HTML5 and WebGL, talking about how it has changed the web app landscape. The presentation slides talk about these topics: HTML5 vs HTML4.0/XHTML HTML5 vs Flash Intro to WebGL Graphics  pipeline Vertex & fragment shaders Cool WebGL and HTML5 demos So check it out:

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