Online Guitar App

While studying computer graphics at NTU, I created this guitar app along with my colleague Vasu. We used Adobe Flash 3.0 to quickly prototype the strings and the body of the guitar. Then by using keyframe animation and keyboard event triggering, added sounds and a vibration to the strings.

Since flash has been deprecated on modern browsers, you can't interact with the simulation anymore. It's on my backlog to port it to html5 canvas

Instructions for playing:
  • Make sure your audio setting is not muted.
  • Click anywhere on the guitar to get it in focus.
  • Press keyboard keys 1,2,3,4,5,6 to hear music notes.
  • Press & Hold any of the keys for ‘santoor’ effect.
  • Press any combination of keys together(separated by split second) to hear chords

You can see the video here

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